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My name is Brenda Soderling, and I'm the owner of Cowboy Bar-B-Q. I have a passion for cooking and I was inspired to cook from a young age. I feel that I had some of the very best meals from scratch while growing up. One of my favorite meals was beans with bacon in them, fried potatoes, corn bread, fresh-caught fish, and a blackberry cobbler that would melt in your mouth.  Watching my mother cook was like watching an artist; you could eat with your eyes. I have that same passion for cooking.


Cowboy Bar-B-Q is a custom-made mobile barbecuer and smoker that is fully equipped with two large warming ovens, plus two grills, and two commercial burners. All of our food is prepared from scratch. We make homemade rubs to season our food to perfection. We also offer a great variety. In addition to all of your barbecue favorites, we have gourmet salads, pasta dishes, fruit and vegetable platters, and a heavenly selection of side dishes and desserts as well.


We can work within your price range and you can even customize your own menu. We cater to your needs.


I have cooked many full spread caterings for many repeat customers for parties, weddings, holidays, and company outings. I love to bring friends and family together for good food, laughter, and good conversation because it makes memories that last a lifetime.


So put another log on the fire and let this cowgirl cook you up some bacon and some beans! We would love to come and cater for you. Send us an email or give us a call.


Lord, we give you all the praise. Bless every catering with love.




Cowboy Bar-B-Q Brenda Soderling
Cowboy Bar-B-Q Catering Hayden, Idaho
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